The Hollywood Slider was created by an Independent Filmmaker who has worked in the industry for many years. Having worked  as a Executive Producer/Director/First AD and just about every job on the set, He saw the need for a dolly, that has quick and easy set up, can be used with a variety of tracks, from inexpensive aluminum tubing to the industry standard speed rail. Our dolly can be supported using standard junior stands, baby stands, apple boxes, or whatever the shot may require,( even between two chairs or the ground ). Designed to be affordable, and very easy to set up, the Hollywood Slider Dolly delivers.

Recently used on the set of E entertainment News

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3 Things That Set Us Apart From The Rest !

1. Our Skate Wheel Trucks adjust to track automatically.        2. We combined a “High Hat” concept and a slider dolly.

We use high quality aluminum clamps on our track end brackets. This insures that your equipment will always be safe.*  Our clamps will accept 1-1/4” to 2” speed rail or  tubing.

               Heavy Duty Brackets                                                 Medium Duty Brackets
              1-1/2 to 2” Speed Rails                                         1-1/4” Anodized Aluminum Tube
                                                                                    or 1” Aluminum Speed Rail

*We can not be responsible for misuse or care to insure the brackets are tightenedPictures_.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0
  1.   Suitable for all cameras from Canon 5D to the Red Epic. 

Abec-7 Bearings and Speed Demon Washers

Throw away the baby powder and the furniture polish!

You’ve tried those gimmicky 4 ft. slider dollies, only to be disappointed.

You’ve tried professional more expensive dollies only to have to pull out the baby powder or furniture polish to get them to operate smoothly.

Time on the set costs money and messing with equipment to get it to operate properly takes time.

The Hollywood Slider Dolly sets up in 5 minutes...  GUARANTEED !

You’ve Tried the Rest...  Now Buy the Best!

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